Loreto Bay

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No stress, no traffic jams, too much rain, or snow What are you waiting for? If you’re looking at retirement, or just for a place to vacation and actually relax, come see us.

When you aren’t golfing at Loreto Bay, you can fish for dorado or billfish, or just enjoy the ride on the environmentally protected water of Loreto Bay, or slip on fins and get into the water, with the sun shining above. From Loreto you can kayak south along the dramatic and remote coastline to Agua Verde and on southward (in several days) to La Paz. Enjoy a drive up a paved highway into the mountains past small ranches to see the 300-year-old architectural gem of the mission at San Javier, or go by foot or muleback for hours, a day, or a week, exploring the storied past and stunning present of our unspoiled mountain.

And that’s not just for visitors. All the warmth of Mexico, the charm of its culture, and the promise of its future, are here to live in, with your retirement home investment made in complete safety (complete with US title insurance if you wish), and the transaction handled by one of our local real estate professionals, members of AMPI, Mexico’s affiliate of the American NAR and Canadian CREA. The town itself is modernizing and growing rapidly, with new supermarkets on the planning board, a newly remodeled terminal at the international airport, medical services improving, and paving of streets and construction of municipal amenities going on all around. And remember that Mexico’s economy, though bound to the US economy, is fundamentally strong and poised to grow over the coming decades. It’s safe, it’s prudent, it’s a great place to spend your retirement years.

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