Villa Pescadores

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Do you live in Loreto?

The best area of Loreto Villa Pescadores, a residential subdivision designed to enjoy the best of life in this harmonious Mexican people, not to mention sports and recreational activities that can only be enjoyed to live on the beach is built. With easy access to shopping and entertainment areas, Villa Pescadores is the ideal space for your family in a safe environment, but without forgetting the comforts of modern life.

Vacations in Loreto?

If you like to enjoy the beach and your favorite place is Loreto why not to acquire a property here? To have a residence in the beach is an intelligent and sure investment, not only you can save in expenses of hotel, but in addition you recover part of your investment renting. The market of goods and roots in Low California is sure and Loreto has turned into a destination increasingly looked by the vacationers of the whole world.

Villa Pescadores